With HomeSlice, you can now own and enjoy a Slice of your own destination home.

Don’t wait for Someday



The HomeSlice platform simplifies finding and buying your destination home.

Enjoy your home, work, rent for income, donate to charity, or exchange for travel experiences across the expanding HomeSlice portfolio of curated, delightful getaways.*


Discover your Slice

Find Slices that fit your lifestyle and budget in amenity-rich, highly sought-after locations.

Currently own a vacation home?

Slice your home to maximize value and open a world of travel experiences to new destinations.

Enjoy the benefits of owning a second home with

less commitment.

Live the HomeSlice
Create memories with friends and family and enjoy unique travel experiences in new and exciting destinations.
Ultimate Flexibility
Utilize our platform to exchange weeks at locations owned by fellow HomeSlicers nationwide.*
Carefree Ownership
HomeSlice manages all maintenance aspects of the home, providing a carefree and delightful experience.
Donate your Slice
Easily donate any unused stays of your Slice to charity and enjoy the tax benefits.*
Non-stop Dashboard
Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to view and manage all of your HomeSlice features in one place.
Rent your Slice
Effortlessly rent out your Slice to enable others to enjoy the HomeSlice life.*
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Fractional ownership.

Whole experiences.

Owning a slice of your dream destination home makes purchasing easier and more affordable — all while letting you enjoy your space to the fullest.


At every step

With HomeSlice, there’s no reason to miss out on second homeownership. Find peace of mind with a piece of a new dream destination home.


More memories, less commitment.

List your Home

HomeSlice pushes Slices to MLS with local agents to maximize market awareness and value creation within and beyond the HomeSlice community.

Keep a Slice (or not!)

Sell your Home


HomeSlice pushes Slices to MLS with local agents to maximize market awareness and value creation within and beyond the HomeSlice community.

Live largely, within your means.

With HomeSlice, the possibility of owning a piece of your dream lifestyle has never been more accessible or easier to bring to life. Enjoy second home ownership at a more attainable price points.



Making destination home ownership more accessible and delightful.

Increased Affordability

HomeSlice is making destination homes more affordable while unlocking underutilized value for existing vacation homeowners.

Find your Sanctuary

With so much of the population now working remotely, we believe in enabling the ownership of more accessible and delightful home offices and getaways.

Build Home Equity

Spend time in homes you actually own versus supporting someone else's dream.

Housing for All

HomeSlice is committed to supporting charities while facilitating impactful charitable donations of unused weeks.*

Realtor or Broker?.

HomeSlice is for you, too.

HomeSlice provides new sales opportunities for realtors by creating fractional sale listings from past and prospective clients out of homes that otherwise aren't for sale.

Realtors can provide their buyer clients with more affordable purchase opportunities in a high-cost, supply-depleted market. Realtors earn market commissions on both the sale and buy sides and increase their revenues while expanding and strengthening relationships with their clients. Get in touch to learn more.